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June 6
Registration Opening session
Baumruk, Iachello
Microscopic approaches to quantum phase transitions, part I
Vretenar, Robledo
Lunch Microscopic approaches to quantum phase transitions, part II
Vretenar, Robledo
June 7
Experimental signatures of quantum phase transitions in nuclei
Casten, Pietralla
Lunch Quantum phase transitions in non-nuclear systems, part I: quantum simulators
Carr, Dukelsky
June 8
Symmetry-based approach to nuclear structure and quantum phase transitions
Van Isacker, Leviatan
Lunch Quantum phase transitions in non-nuclear systems, part II: advanced quantum materials
Carr, Dukelsky
Special lecture
Social dinner
June 9
Quantum phase transitions in coupled systems
Pérez Bernal, García Ramos
Lunch Excited state quantum phase transitions
Brandes, Macek
Monday (June 6)
10:00-11:30Opening session
V. Baumruk (vice-dean of the Math. & Phys. Faculty of the Charles Uni): Opening address(15 min)
F. IachelloIntroductory talk(60 min)
Discussion(15 min)
11:30-12:45Coffee break
Microscopic approaches to quantum phase transitions, part I
(Convenors: D. Vretenar, L. Robledo)
J. DudekMicroscopic approaches to the nuclear shape transitions: Dynamical-, high-spin-, high temperature effects(30 min)
N. ShimizuShape phase transition and shell evolution in large-scale shell-model calculations(30 min)
14:15-18:00Afternoon session
Microscopic approaches to quantum phase transitions, part II
(Convenors: D. Vretenar, L. Robledo)
P. SarrigurenSignatures of nuclear shape transitions in ground-state properties of neutron-rich nuclei(30 min)
T. NikšićCoexistence of nuclear shapes: self-consistent mean-field and beyond(20 min)
K. NomuraBeyond-mean-field boson-fermion model for odd-mass nuclei(20 min)
R.-D. LasseriCrystal-liquid transition in nuclei(20 min)
16:00-16:15Coffee break
K. NomuraShape coexistence in the microscopically guided IBM(25 min)
X. ViñasPasta phase transitions in the inner crust of neutron stars(20 min)
A. SeveryukhinProton-neutron structure of first and second quadrupole excitations in 90Sr(20 min)
N. PietrallaData on Type II Shell Evolution in 96Zr from electron scattering(20 min)
General discussion(20 min)
Tuesday (June 7)
9:00-12:45Morning session
Experimental signatures of quantum phase transitions in nuclei
(Convenors: R. Casten, N. Pietralla)
R.F. Casten,
N. Pietralla
Introduction(5 min)
R.F. CastenPerspective on structural evolution. Partial Dynamical Symmetries. Testing Theories(45 min)
T. Braunroth58,60Cr - Candidates for the E(5) limit(15 min)
T. Braunroth
(on behalf of C.
Collective structures in the neutron deficient nucleus 180Pt(15 min)
J.C. WiederholdNew B(M1), B(E2) signatures of QPT using scissors 1+(15 min)
General discussion(10 min)
10:45-11:00Coffee break
C. LizarazoHPGe-spectroscopy data on 90,92,94Se, ground sequence + first off-yrasts; RIBF-EURICA results(15 min)
N. Pietralla2+ lifetime in 98Zr(15 min)
J. JolieLifetimes in even-even Zirconium isotopes from the FATIMA & EXILL campaign(15 min)
M. LettmanMapping the N = 56 sub-shell closure. SEASTAR results(15 min)
M. KlintefjordThe structure of low-lying states in 140Sm(15 min)
R. JolosAlternating parity bands in nuclei - phase transition and stabilization of the octupole deformation with angular momentum increase(20 min)
General discussion(10 min)
14:15-18:00Afternoon session
Quantum phase transitions in non-nuclear systems, part I: quantum simulators
(Convenors: L.D. Carr, J. Dukelsky)
L.D. CarrFeynman's vision comes true: An overview of quantum simulators(25 min)
S. JochimDeterministic quantum simulators with cold atoms(35 min)
S. MontangeroFrom the classical to the quantum Kibble-Zurek scaling(35 min)
General discussion(10 min)
16:00-16:15Coffee break
M. FattoriQPTs with parity-symmetry breaking and hysteresis with atomic BECs in a double-well potential(35 min)
L. SantosPower law decays and thermalization in isolated many-body quantum systems(35 min)
M.A. Bastarrachea
Quantum Phase Transitions and microcanonical description of atom-field systems(20 min)
General discussion(15 min)
Wednesday (June 8)
9:00-12:45Morning session
Symmetry-based approach to nuclear structure and quantum phase transitions
(Convenors: P. Van Isacker, A. Leviatan)
V. ZelevinskyOpen quantum systems and superradiance phase transition(25 min)
J.E. García-RamosOn the nature of the shape coexistence phenomenon in the lead region(25 min)
A. LeviatanSymmetry-based approach to prolate-oblate coexistence in nuclei(25 min)
N. GavrielovFirst-order QPT between spherical and gamma-unstable nuclear shapes(20 min)
10:35-10:50Coffee break
J.M. AriasThe butterfly catastrophe in the two-fluid Lipkin model (tentative title)(25 min)
J. CsehCluster and shell configurations: competition and coexistence(25 min)
P. Van IsackerThe octupole solution of the shell model(25 min)
G. StellinElectromagnetic selection rules in the triangular alpha-cluster model of 12C(20 min)
P.E. GeorgoudisStudy of the Bohr Hamiltonian with sextic potentials(20 min)
14:15-17:00Afternoon session
Quantum phase transitions in non-nuclear systems, part II: advanced quantum materials
(Convenors: L.D. Carr, J. Dukelsky)
A. KellerUniversal Fermi liquid crossover and quantum criticality in a mesoscopic system(35 min)
G. OrtizParticle-conserving topological superfluids and the fate of Majoranas(35 min)
G. SalomonSpin and charge resolved quantum gas microscopy of antiferromagnetic correlations in Hubbard chains(35 min)
O. LegezaPhase separation of superfluids in the chain of four-component ultracold atoms(35 min)
General discussion(10 min)
16:45-17:00Coffee break
17:00-18:00Special lecture
(Place: Baroque refectory of the House for Professed)
J. PodolskýAn outline of the history of physics and astronomy in Prague (from Brahe and Kepler to Einstein)(60 min)
19:00-23:00Social dinner
(Place: Malostranská beseda)
Thursday (June 9)
9:00-12:45Morning session
Quantum phase transitions in coupled systems
(Convenors: F. Pérez Bernal, J.E. García Ramos)
F. Pérez Bernal,
J.E. García Ramos
Introduction(10 min)
M. MacekDispersion relations and densities of states in coupled U(2) and U(3) models(35 min)
M.A. Bastarrechea
Quantum signatures of chaos in boson-fermion systems(20 min)
J. JoliePartial dynamical symmetry in Bose-Fermi systems(15 min)
General discussion(25 min)
10:45-11:00Coffee break
K. NomuraMicroscopic approach to coupled quadrupole-octupole collective states(20 min)
J. Chávez CarlosClassical chaos in atom-field systems(25 min)
M. Bermúdez
A new point of view of the Local to normal mode transition(20 min)
L. FortunatoNew interdisciplinary playgrounds for algebraic models: from molecules to hypernuclei(20 min)
R. PueblaQPT and ESQPT in the Rabi model(20 min)
14:15-17:45Afternoon session
Excited state quantum phase transitions
(Convenors: T. Brandes, M. Macek)
T. BrandesIntroduction to the session(5 min)
L. CarrBose-Einstein Condensates in Ring Traps: Topological Unwinding, Strongly Correlated Solitons, and Metastable Quantum Phase Transitions(30 min)
P. StránskýClassification of ESQPTs(15 min)
M.A. Bastarrachea
A thermodynamic interpretation of QPTs: A microcanonical description of the generalized Dicke Hamiltonian(15 min)
S. LermaThe participation ratio of coherent states over energy eigenstates: a quantum measure sensitive to ESQPTs and chaos(15 min)
M. MacekStripe-like eigenstates at ESQPT/van Hove singularity energies in 2D lattices(15 min)
General discussion(10 min)
16:00-16:15Coffee break
R. PueblaIrreversibilty due to the loss of symmetry-breaking information crossing an ESQPT(15 min)
P. Pérez-FernándezESQPTs in the two-fluid Lipkin model(15 min)
T. MavrogordatosQPTs in the dispersive driven dissipative Jaynes-Cummings model(15 min)
R. SýkoraNonequilibrium heat transport in an exactly solvable quantum-critical model(15 min)
M. KlocEntanglement and ESQPT in an extended Dicke model(15 min)
General discussion(15 min)
17:45-18:00Closing of the Workshop