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Flavour, unification and experimental tests

High-energy physics research project executed under the Marie Curie actions, call FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IEF of the 7th European Comission Framework programme, contract PIEF-GA-2009-253119.

Research fellow:
Michal Malinsky

Phone: +34-9635 43515
Fax: +34-9635 43488

Prof. Jose W.F. Valle

Phone: +34-9635 44459
Fax: +34-9635 43488

Host address:
Astroparticle and High Energy Physics Group
IFIC - Instituto de Física Corpuscular
Edificio Institutos de Investigación
Apartado de Correos 22085
E-46071 Valencia, Spain

Project abstract:
The flavour structure of matter remains one of the deepest challenges to our current understanding of the elementary particles and their interactions. Indeed, even after more than half century of intense research the flavour patterns underlying most of the high-energy physics processes defies our comprehension. The Standard Model of particle physics, the best description of the sub-nuclear world ever conceived, does not provide any clues to why we observe just three families of quarks and leptons, what is the origin of their peculiar quantum-mechanical mixing or why their masses range over more than twelve orders of magnitude. With the advent of the next generation of particle physics experiments, in particular the Large Hadron Collider, the high-precision neutrino facilities, large-volume rare decay searches and other kinds of instruments and techniques focusing on uncovering the physics beyond the Standard Model, there is a growing and well-founded expectation that the next decade could witness the first glimpse on these mysteries. The current proposal addresses these fundamental problems from the perspective of Grand Unification, one of the best motivated hypotheses about the nature of the fundamental dynamics governing the very birth of the Universe. A thorough understanding of the elusive low-energy imprints of physics at the high energies provides a unique strategy for testing the unification paradigm, complementing the traditional techniques of its experimental scrutiny. Apart from unwinding further the conundrum of the perennial problem of flavour, the proposed programme stresses the interdisciplinarity, covering topics from astroparticle physics and cosmology up to the experimental signatures and collider phenomenology. In this respect, it has a very strong potential to extend significantly the fellow's research profile, bringing him to the level of a full professional maturity.

Regular articles:
Seesaw scale in the minimal renormalizable SO(10) grand unification
S. Bertolini, L. Di Luzio, M. Malinsky
arXiv:1202.0807 [hep-ph], published in Physical Review D85, 095014 (2012).
Hefty MSSM-like light Higgs in extended gauge models
M. Hirsch, M. Malinsky, W. Porod, L. Reichert and F. Staub
arXiv:1110.3037 [hep-ph], published in Journal of High Energy Physics 02, 084 (2012).
Soft masses in SUSY SO(10) GUTs with low intermediate scales
V. De Romeri, M. Hirsch and M. Malinsky
arXiv:1107.3412 [hep-ph], published in Physical Review D84, 053012 (2011).
Running soft parameters in SUSY models with multiple U(1) gauge factors
R. M. Fonseca, M. Malinsky, W. Porod and F. Staub
arXiv:1107.2670 [hep-ph], published in Nuclear Physics B854, 28 (2012).
Non-standard antineutrino interactions at Daya Bay
R. Leitner, M. Malinsky, B. Roskovec and H. Zhang,
arXiv:1105.5580 [hep-ph], published in Journal of High Energy Physics 12, 001 (2011).
The minimal flipped SO(10) x U(1) supersymmetric Higgs model
S. Bertolini, L. Di Luzio and M. Malinsky
arXiv:1011.1821 [hep-ph], published in Physical Review D83, 035002 (2011).
Flavour structure of supersymmetric SO(10) GUTs with extended matter sector
M. Heinze and M. Malinsky
arXiv:1008.4813 [hep-ph], published in Physical Review D83, 035018 (2011).

Papers in conference proceedings:
Structure and prospects of the simplest SO(10) GUTs
prepared for the proceedings of the CETUP 2012 workshop, Lead, South Dakota, USA, July 2012,
arXiv:1210.3789 [hep-ph], published in the AIP Conference Proceedings 1534, 293 (2013).
Towards the New Minimal SO(10) Grand Unification
prepared for the proceedings of the GUT'2012 conference, Kyoto, Japan, March 2012,
arXiv:1205.5637 [hep-ph], published in AIP Conference Proceedings 1467, 37 (2012).
The quantum vacuum of the minimal SO(10) GUT,
prepared for the proceedings of the PASCOS'10 conference, Valencia, Spain, July 2010,
arXiv:1010.0338 [hep-ph], published in Journal of Physics: Conference Series 259 (2010) 012098.
Structure and prospects of the simplest SO(10) GUTs
Talk given at the CETUP 2012 meeting, Lead, South Dakota, July 25, 2012.
How much can we learn from Grand Unification?
Seminar given at the Maryland Center for Fundamental Physics, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, May 15, 2012.
Low-energy imprints of extended gauge symmetries
Talk given at the Phenomenology 2012 (PHENO'12) symposium, Pittsburgh, PA, May 7-9, 2012.
Low-energy imprints of Grand Unification
Special seminar given at the Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics, New York University, May 3, 2012.
Grand Unification approaching forties
Seminar given at the Faculty of Physics, University of Wuerzburg, Germany, April 26, 2012.
Intermediate scales in SO(10) GUTs @ GUT'2012 in Kyoto
Seminar given at IFIC, Valencia, Spain, April 24, 2012.
Soft masses in SUSY SO(10) GUTs with sliding intermediate scales
poster presentation at the 3rd Workshop on Lepton and Baryon Number Violation, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, September 21 - 24, 2011.
Flavour aspects of GUTs
Talk given at the FLASY'11 international conference, Valencia, Spain, July 11 - July 14, 2011.
Renormalizable SUSY SO(10) breakdown without large representations?
Talk given at the Planck'11 international conference, Lisbon, Portugal, May 30 - June 3, 2011.
Aspects of SO(10) unification with extended matter sector
Talk given on April 13, 2011 at the conference "The Role of Heavy Fermions in Fundamental Physics", Portoroz, Slovenia, April 10-14, 2011.
The flavour of GUTs - what do neutrinos tell us?
Seminar given at IFIC, Valencia, Spain, November 23, 2010.
Other activities   
Introduction to Grand Unified Theories
trimestral graduate-level course delivered at the Instituto de Fisica Corpuscular of CSIC/University of Valencia, Spain in April-March 2011.
Introduction to Grand Unified Theories and their Phenomenology
intensive graduate-level course delivered at the Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague in September 2011 in the framework of the "Central European Joint Programme of Doctoral Studies (Particle Physics, Gravity and Cosmology)" .
Neutrinos from the Beyond-Standard- Model perspective
special lecture delivered during the "2012 Indian Summer School of Physics - Understanding Neutrinos", Prague, September 2012. .

Project funded under the FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IEF programme, contract PIEF-GA-2009-253119