The scientific program of the School starts on Monday morning, September 4, and ends on Friday afternoon, September 8. The program will consist of invited lectures and at least one session devoted to students' presentations.

Topics and Speakers:

Inflation Antonio Riotto (Geneva University, Switzerland) [lecture notes]
Hot early Universe Rocky Kolb (University of Chicago, USA) [book]
Neutrinos in cosmology Sergio Pastor (IFIC University of Valencia, Spain) [1, 2, 3, 4, all]
Dark matter Thomas Schwetz-Mangold (KIT, Germany) [1, 2, all]
Gravitational waves Daniel Figueroa (CERN) [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, all]


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The participants are welcome to have a short seminar (17+3 min) on a topic of their interest. So far registered seminars:

[Book of abstracts in PDF]

Students' talks I (Tuesday, 16:20-18:00):

Inflation driven by scalar field and solid matter Peter Mészáros [abstract, slides]
Dark Matter Candidates in Composite Higgs Models Daniel Murnane [abstract, slides]
Holographic Correlators and Cosmology Savan Kharel [abstract, slides]
Dynamical Generation of Fermion Mixing Luca Smaldone [abstract, slides]
Classically conformal B-L extended Standard Model Yuta Orikasa [abstract, slides]

Students' talks II (Wednesday, 16:00-16:40):

Non-Standard Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay and its Implications Lukáš Gráf [abstract, slides]
Linear Regime of Structure Formation with Scalar Field Dark Matter considering an Axion-like potential Francisco Linares [abstract, slides]

Students' talks III (Thursday, 16:00-16:40):

Dark Matter Scenarios in a Constrained E6 Inspired Model Dylan Harries [abstract, slides]
Testing gravity theories using tensor perturbations Jan Novák [abstract, slides]