Organizers, contact

Charles University
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics (IPNP)

Czech Academy of Sciences
Nuclear Physics Institute (ÚJF), Řež

COST action nr. CA15108

Organizing Committee:

  • Michal Malinský (IPNP)
  • [web, email]
  • Jiří Hošek (ÚJF)
  • [email]
  • Jiří Adam (ÚJF)
  • [email]
  • Petr Veselý (ÚJF)
  • [web, email]
  • Jiří Dolejší (IPNP)
  • [web, email]
  • Matěj Hudec (IPNP)
  • [web, email]
  • Josef Juráň (SLU Opava)
  • [email]


    Correspondence Address:

    29th Indian-Summer School of Physics
    Nuclear Physics Institute CAS
    250 68 Rez/Prague
    Czech Republic