If not stated explicitly otherwise, seminars take place on Wednesdays, at 16,00 in the lecture room KO1015 (Troja, 10th floor, room No.1015). More information
and annotation of the seminars are on the czech page.

9. 4. 2003  J. Huefner (Univ. Heidelberg)

                  Charmonium production and suppression in high energy nuclear collisions

3. 4. 2003   Prof. Dr. J. Jersak (RWTH Aachen)

                  Are the constants of nature constant?

2. 4. 2003  L. Pribyl (MFF UK)

                  Callibration of TILECAL hadron calorimeter for ATLAS experiment

26. 3. 2003  J. Klouzal (MFF UK)

                  Measurement of fast neutron cross sections at IPNP VdG laboratory

19. 3. 2003  P. Reznicek (MFF UK)

                  Testing the semiconductor strip detectors for ATLAS

12. 3. 2003  J. Kvita (MFF UK)

                  Impact of the finite width of top quark and W boson on the mass measurement

5. 3. 2003  A. Krasa (MFF UK)

                  Experimental study of transmutation reactions of the fission products

19. 2. 2003  K. Soustruznik (IPNP)

                  Top quark mass in multi-jet channel: Run I of the experiment D0 at Fermilab

15. 1. 2003  T. Brauner (INP Rez u Prahy)

                  Little Higgs -a new solution of the hierarchy problem in SM

8. 1. 2003  B. Tomasik (CERN)

                  Space-time evolution of a heavy-ion collision (general colloquium)

11. 12. 2002  M. Bohcov (FZU AV CR)

                  Recent status of project Auger

9. 12. 2002   Prof. Jihn E. Kim (Seoul National Univ./Bonn Univ.)


4. 12. 2002  L. Rob (IPNP)

                  Recent results of experiments CAT and CELESTE

27. 11. 2002  J. Chla (FzU AVCR)

                  Nobel price for neutrino physics

20. 11. 2002  J. Srbek (FzU AVCR)

                  Production of heavy quarks in hadron-hadron collisions

15. 5. 2002  M. Krticka (IPNP)

                  Photon strength functions in the rare-earth nuclei

15. 5. 2002  P. Zvada (Fz AVCR)

                  Spin structure function and internal motion of the constituents

24. 4. 2002  K. Cern (MFF UK)

                  Analysis of slow particles in e-p scattering with two jets in "resolved/direct" cases and a test of the LPHD hypothesis

17. 4. 2002  M. p (MFF UK)

                  Interactions of Higgs particles and possible tests

10. 4. 2002  A. Iorio (University of Salerno and I.N.F.N.)

                  Black hole entropy entanglement and holography

3. 4. 2002  T. Tusarova, M. Karac (MFF UK)

                  Reports on diploma theses

27. 3. 2002  M. Sumbera (UJF AV CR)

                  RHIC: year two

20. 3. 2002  J. Hosek (UJF AV CR)

                  Superfluid phases of QCD

6. 3. 2002  J. Chla (FZ AV CR)

                  QCD at LEP

20. 2. 2002  Dr. J. Grygar (FzU AV CR)

                 The year 2000 in astronomy - a summary

9. 1. 2002   Prof. Hans G. Fischer (CERN)

                 New results on baryon production in pp and pA reactions at CERN SPS

2. 1. 2002   P. Vogel (CALTECH, Pasadena)

                 Future galactic supernova signal: What can we learn?

13. 12. 2001   D. Robashik (Univ. Cottbus/Leipzig)

                 Virtual Compton scattering: Problems, results, generalisations

12. 12. 2001   E. Kohlprath (Univ. Vienna/CERN)

                 Effective action for gravitation

5. 12. 2001   P. eba (FzU AV CR)

                 Quantum chaos without quantum mechanics: Analysis of the EEG signal

28. 11. 2001   A. Valkarova (IPNP)

                 Photon structure functions measured at ep collider HERA

21. 11. 2001   J. Hosek (INP Rez)

                 The Nobel prize in physics for 2001

14. 11. 2001   J. Horejsi, J. Chyla (JF, Fz AV R)

                 Impressions from summer conferences 2001

7. 11. 2001   J. Formnek (JF)

                 Report on the conference Lepton Photon 01 (Roma 2001)

31. 10. 2001   J. Zlek (JF)

                 Proton structure and quark-gluon distribution funcions measured at HERA

24. 10. 2001   P. Cejnar (JF)

                 "Phase transitions" in finite quantum systems: Interacting bosons

10. 10. 2001   P. Cejnar (JF)

                 Nuclear supersymmetry and fermion-boson mapping

19. 9. 2001   Dr. R. Kerger (Univ. Bonn)

                 Search for lepton flavour violation mediated by leptoquarks (ZEUS data 1994-1998)

28. 6. 2001  J. Alfaro (Univ. Catolica de Chile, Santiago)

                 Quantum gravity corrections to neutrino propagation

27. 6. 2001  Mike Tyndel (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)

                 ATLAS Semiconductor Tracker - brief overview and status

27. 6. 2001  Ken Smith (University of Glasgow)

                 Semiconductor particle detectors (position sensitive devices)

20. 6. 2001  Dr. W. Lohmann (DESY- Zeuthen)

                 Physics with the TESLA linear e+ e- Collider

6. 6. 2001  M. Kolesar (IPNP Prague)

                 The decay eta-> 2 pi 2 gamma in generalized chiral perturbation theory

30. 5. 2001  R. Dermisek (State. Univ. Ohio, CERN)

                 Yukawa coupling unification and proton decay in SO(10) SUSY GUT

23. 5. 2001  Dr. M. Klein (DESY Zeuthen)

                 ep scattering at TERA

16. 5. 2001  Dr. J. Bluemlein (DESY Zeuthen)

                 Theory of deep inelastic scattering: a review

9. 5. 2001  T. Riemann (DESY Zeuthen)

                 Lepton Flavor Violation at GigaZ

2. 5. 2001  T. Skora (IPNP Prague)

                 Schwinger terms in quantum theory

18. 4. 2001  G. Ecker (University Vienna)

                 The physics of light flavours

13. 4. 2001  D. Kazakov (JINR, Dubna)

                 SUSY, b->s gamma, g-2 and Higgs

11. 4. 2001  D. Hanusova, V. Henzl

                 Transmutation of I129

4. 4. 2001 L. Majling (Institute od nuclear Physics, Czech Academy of Science, Rez near Prague)

                 Weak decays of hypernuclei

28. 3. 2001  Dr. Markus Diehl (DESY Hamburk )

                 Generalized parton distributions and all that (New ways to probe hadrons in QCD)

22. 2. 2001  Prof. Stuart Raby (State Univ. Ohio)

                 Femion masses and neutrino oscillations in a SO(10) SUSY GUT

31. 1. 2001  J. Chyla (FzU AV CR)

                 What I bear in mind when saying "structure of the photon"

17. 1. 2001  O. Chvala (IPNP Prague)

                 Baryon stopping from experiment NA49

10. 1. 2001  Dr. J. Grygar (FzU AV CR)

                 Astronomy in 1999 - a summary

20. 12. 2000  M. Schnabl (SISSA Trieste)

                 Noncommutative field theory

13. 12. 2000  J. Ridky (FzU AV CR)

                 Can we observe the quark gluon plasma in cosmic ray showers?

6. 12. 2000  J. Horejsi, J. Dolejsi, R. Leitner (IPNP Prague)

                 Report on  XXX. ICHEP conference

29. 11. 2000  Dr. I. Caprini (Nat. Inst. of Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Bucharest)

                 Quark-hadron duality, factorization and strong phases in  B0d ->pi+ pi- decay

22. 11. 2000 Prof. Dr. E. Reya (Univ. Dortmund)

                   The parton content of real and virtual photons

8. 11. 2000 V. O. Nesterenko (JINR, Dubna)

                    Scissors and twist modes in Fermi systems: atomic cluster

25. 10. 2000 M. Malinsky (IPNP Faculty of Matematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague)

                    Report on the IPS Zuoz Summer school 2000

18. 10. 2000 M. Sumbera (INP Czech Academy of Science, Rez near Prague)

                    Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider: a little big bang in BNL  (First impressions, first results)

12. 10. 2000 J. Rames (IP Czech Academy of Science, Prague)

                    Higgs within easy reach (On the recent  developement of the search of Higgs boson at LEP)

11. 10. 2000 G. Lutz (Max Planck Institut fuer Physik Mnichov)

                    Developing CCDs, pixel detectors and silicon drift detectors for x-ray astronomy, spectroscopy and particle physics

28. 6. 2000 Prof. Dr. R. A. Bertlmann (University Vienna)

                 Gravitational anomalies, Schwinger terms and dispersion relations

22. 6. 2000 Prof. Dr. P. Zerwas (DESY Hamburk)

                    Electroweak symmetry breaking: Precision tests

21. 6. 2000 Prof. Dr. P. Zerwas (DESY Hamburk)

                    Physics with e+e- linear colliders

14. 6. 2000 Z. Dlouhý (INP Czech Academy of Science, Rez near Prague)

                    Changes of neutron shell closures in light very neutron-rich nuclei

Abstract: The seminar presents a review of experimental results obtained at GANIL (Caen, France) on the study of new unique properties of neutron-rich nuclei (Z=<20, A=10-60) near the neutron drip line. Very recent data on mass measurements of neutron-rich nuclei with extreme N/Z ratio at GANIL and some characteristics of binding energies in this region are presented. Nuclear binding energies are very sensitive to the existence of nuclear shells and together with the measurements of instability of doubly magic nuclei 10He and 28O they provide clear signatures of changes in neutron shell closures (i.e. magic numbers) of very neutron-rich nuclei from carbon up to calcium. Decay studies of these hardly accessible short-lived nuclei neutron-rich nuclei from oxygen to sodium are also reported. Experiments have been mostly performed in cooperation GANIL - Orsay - Dubna - Rez - Bucharest - Liverpool.

7. 6. 2000 A. H. Mueller (Columbia University)

                    Parton densities at small x

31. 5. 2000 W. Grimus (University Vienna)

                    3-neutrino scenarios and radiative neutrino masses

24. 5. 2000  R. Hudec (Institute of Astronomy)

                    Cosmic gamma-ray bursts  -  astronomical mystery of the century

10. 5. 2000  R. von Unge (Masarykova Universita, Brno)

                    Brane worlds and large extra dimensions

Abstract: Is the world really four dimensional and if not, how come we think it is? Possible answers to this question was given in several recent proposals where the world is located on a four dimensional hypersurface (a so called brane) in a higher dimensional space and where matter is confined to move on the brane and only gravity is free to propagate in the higher dimensional bulk space. This scenario would drastically change the way we think about the world and give interesting new signatures to look for in the next generation of accelerators. In this talk I will review some of these models with emphasis on the underlying theoretical ideas.


4. 5. 2000  P. Trávnícek (MFF UK)

                   Hadronization and detector effects in the process of determination of kinematical parameters of initial partons in the  e+e- interactions


3. 5. 2000  O. Chvála (MFF UK)

                  Inklusive cross sections of the p+(p- ) production in the  experiment NA49

26. 4. 2000  P. Heinzel (Institute of astronomy AVCR)

                   Helioseismology and solar models

19. 4. 2000  I. Korzhavina (Moscow State University, DESY)

                   Some results from ZEUS expereiment

12. 4. 2000  T. Sýkora (IPNP)

                       Report on the 39. Internationale Universitätswochen für Kern- und Teilchenphysik

5 .4. 2000  J. Dobes; (ÚJF AV CR)

                       Neutron-proton pairing in the framework of the algebraic models

29. 3. 2000  T. Marek  (ÚÈJF MFF):

                       Transmutation of radioactive materials and its contribution

22. 3. 2000  M. Sumbera, (ÚJF,Rez), P. Závada (FZÚ):

                       New state of matter in the heavy ions experiments at CERN

19. 1. 2000  V. Sauli, (ÚJF, Rez):

                       Nonperturbative solution for propagator in some scalar field theories

8. 12. 99  J. Donoghue, (TH Division, CERN):

                        Effective Field Theory - from QCD to gravity

8. 12. 99  M. Blasone, (Blackett Lab., Imperial College, London):

                        Field Mixing in Quantum Field Theory and Neutrino Oscillations

1. 12. 99  J. Horejsí, (IPNP Prague)   J. Chýla (Institute of  Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences)

                        Report on the conference EPS-HEP 99 in Tampere, part 2

24. 11. 99 M. Malinský  (IPNP Prague)

                     Higgs particle masses in the enlarged models of electroweak interactions

17. 11. 99  B. Hiesmayr (Univ. Vienna):

                      The puzzling story of the neutral kaon system, or, about quantum interference,
                   Furry's hypothesis and total decoherence

1. 12. 99   J. Horejsí, (IPNP Prague)  Doc. J. Chýla (Institute of  Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences)

                        Report on the conference EPS-HEP 99 in Tampere, part 1

10. 11. 99 E. Kohlprath  (Univ. Vienna)

                     Gravitational anomalies and dispersion relations

3. 11. 99 J. Formánek  (IPNP, Prague)

                   Report on the  Lepton-photon 99 symposium in SLAC

13. 10. 99  O. Dragoun  (Institute of Nuclear Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences)

                  Experimental search for massive neutrinos

6. 10. 99  J. Grygar (Institute of  Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences)

                    Report on the current status of Universe

15. 9. 99  R. Banerjee (Univ. Heidelberg)

                 Covariant and consistent anomalies in arbitrary even dimensions

2.6.99:  J. Mares (ÚJF AV)

Hypernuclei and exotic atoms
26.5.99 H. Stremnitzer (Univ. Vienna)
Constraints on Complex Phases in the Constrained MSSM
6.5.99 H. Postma (IRI, University of Technology, Delft, the Netherlands)
Parity violation at p-wave resonances
28.4.99 J. Niederle (Institute of  Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences)
Relation of bosons and fermions
21.4.99 P. Krtous (Department of Theoretical Physics, MFF)

                 Relation of quantization of scalar field and relativistic particle in curved space-time

14.4.99 Vl. Capek (Institute of Physics, MFF)

                  Isotermic Maxwell daemon

7.4.99  P. Exner (Institute of Nuclear Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences)

               Anomaly bound states of Pauli electron